crocheted shawl Waterlilly

Besides painting, I also enjoy crocheting. I crocheted a lot lately, and the next three projects are on their way. You can read more on the upcoming projects at the end of this post, first I would like to show you the project I finished recently.


After reading the magazine in the photo’s below, I wanted to crochet the scarf pictured here.

It is called the shawl Waterlilly. I had never crocheted a triangular scarf before, this pattern seemed a good place to start. You start with a very long chain of stitches, and decrease the number of stitches each row untill you have no more stitches left, and have made a triangular scarf.

Here you can see the result:

Maybe I will use a plain yarn next time, because the colors in the yarn I used interfere a bit with the pattern.

Here you can see some detail pictures:

My mom loved the shawl, so now it is hers 🙂

Meanwhile, I am almost finished with a project with a circle.

Also, I started crocheting a blanket, and I want to participate in the goedgemutst breicampagne. But then with crocheted hats:) The proceeds of the goedgemutstcampagne go to the national seniors fund that organises activities for (lonely) elderly people.

The blanket is a big big project, so, when I don’t feel like it I can make some hats as a nice little project-in-between.

Plenty to do, I will keep you informed!


DIY: Painting in 11 colors tutorial!


Do you remember I was working on a painting project?

Here’s the sneak-peek I showed:

Well, It’s finished!


Here is the result! I only used 11 colors, “Painting by Numbers”style. I’m very pleased with it, and so is my family. Now it only needs to go on the wall.

It is made in the same style as this one:

and this one:

In this post I will show you how you can make a painting like this yourself!

What you need:

-a canvas

-a computer/laptop with printer

-carbon paper

-a pen

-paint and brushes

– something to mix paint in and with, such as plastic cups and wooden sticks.


Step 1

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Passion Feanwalden: Workshop Slime!

Workshop Slime making

This last christmas vacation I gave a workshop Making Slime, and it was awesome!

The workshop was to support the local Passion Feanwalden, an organization that wants to play the Passion story in our local town. Under the direction Ruth Hanemaayer and musical guidance of Atsje Lettinga the organization wants to tell the history of the suffering an dying of Jesus. It’s a story about friendship, courage, bravery and sacrifice.

passion feanwalden

To finance such an event needs plenty of funds, and therefor they asked local creatives to give various workshops, of which the revenue goes the the funding of the Passion event.

Passion Feanwalden
A part of the ingredients for making slime.

So, to sponsor the Passion event, I gave a Slime Making workshop , and january 26 I will give a workshop Handlettering.

the Making Slime workshop was so much fun! A whopping 19 kids signed in. Luckily there was lots of help to make sure the slime stayed in the right places (and not on the walls, for example. Or in somebody’s hair. You do not want slime in your hair. Really. Speaking from experience here.) .

passion feanwalden
19 kids making slime!


here you can see more photo’s of the workshop: Continue reading “Passion Feanwalden: Workshop Slime!”

new painting project

I’m working on a new painting project.

Not that I can paint, but I can do the painting-by-numbers style 🙂

It’s a variation on this painting which I made some time ago:


new painting project

It’s a silhouette of our children, I think the (original) photo was taken about 5 years ago.

I changed the photo to a two-tone digital drawing, and transfered that to a canvas. Here you can read more about this painting.

So now I’m working on a similar project, but this time it’s going to be a landscape, and the painting will be in 11 colors.

Here you can see a work-in-progress photo:


new painting project

Lots of figures to fill with paint 🙂

Curious how it’s going to turn out?!

Actually, so am I.

I will post pictures when it’s done, now first, time to paint!