New Halloween designs on my Etsy page


Did you know I have an Etsy shop?

My Etsy shop Craftstudio27 is specialized in digital designs for cutting machines such as the Silhouette Cameo or the Cricut.

This week I added three more designs to my shop.

These new designs are all Halloween themed. If you click on the designs you will automatically go the design on Etsy:

halloween designs

The one above is a landscape Halloween decoration. It’s 10,6 x 26,4 inches, perfect for cutting machines. This design will make a cool window or wall decal!

halloween designs

The witches design will also make a cool window or wall decal. Also, for the crafty among you, it can also become a nice card design!

The design below is my favorite 🙂

It’s a Zombie hand with the quote “Zombielicious”. He ate his fingers! I find that very funny 🙂 (but that could just be my weird sense of humor)

halloween designs

New designs will be posted soon, I’ll keep you informed!

Ladiesfair workshop handlettering

Last saturday there was a Ladiesfair in Feanwaldsterwal (close to my home) where I gave a handlettering workshop. It was a big hit!

Despite the rainy weather a lot of Ladies came to the fair, and many of them joined the handlettering workshop.

I gave the workshop together with Bonnie from, a Dutch children’s coach.

The picture below is made about a half our before the opening of the fair. You can see we are ready for the strom 🙂



Luckily the Ladiesfair was in a big tent, as the weathergods were having a bad day. On the table you can see examples and books we brought as inspriation.

During the workshop they could copy letters, they could practise brushlettering, they could make their own quote and the ladies could write white-pen-on-black-paper.

I think the best white pen on the market is the Uniball Signo. This pen has a beautiful white opaque ink.

For the “normal” black writing pens I use the Pigma Micron pens. These are available in different thicknesses and they do not bleed through the paper. Ideal.

Anyway, this ladiesfair was superfun and if there is another one, I will join again!




Carbingo! The kids’ new favorite car game

Here we are again! Fresh and fruity after a great holiday.

The kids are at school, now everything can regain it’s own “normal” rythm.

We have had the best summer holiday! We went to Denmark, and it was awesome. The big dream of our son Sietse was to go to Legoland, so we did that too 🙂 Great park by the way, even Dear Hubby, who has a general aversion for themeparks, had a great time!

Fot the car trip to Denmark I saw a fun idea on the Great Web: Carbingo! Out of a pillbox! With candy!!

Huh? What?

Let me explain.

Each hole of the pillbox belongs to an item (for example a red car), and when you see this item, you may open the matching hole and eat what’s inside! And because a pillbox only has small holes, only small items can be put in, such as a small candy, a grape, a few raisins, ..

Me and the kids made our own version of the pillboxbingo (nice word for Scrabble), with stickers I cut out with the Silhouette Cameo.


Together we thought of things that you can see on a road trip, such as a bike, a house with solar panels, a windmill, and more.

We searched for matching pictures, and I cut the in the right size for the pillboxlids (again, nice word for Scrabble!) in the colors Sietse and Marijke liked.

carbingo carbingo

The kids really enjoyed the carbingo, anf asked if they could do it again on the way home!!

Sure! Happy backseat, happy frontseat 🙂

The kids didn’t succeed in finding all the pictures on the trip, some were hard to find (such as the helicopter and the icecream) .

You could make your own carbingo!

And if you don’t have a Silhouette (or similar machine) you could draw of write on a label and cut that to size, or write numbers on the lids and make a list with matching “bingo-rewards”.

have fun, and a nice day!