Canvas silhouette DI, Wall deco of our kids

canvas silhouette

This canvas silhouette hangs on the wall in our house.

I made it myself, it’s a silhouette of our kids playing in the water.

canvas silhouette

It’s quite big, about 80×100 cm (that is about 31.5 x 39.5 inches).

I ordered the canvas once with a picture of my husband on it, but he didin’t like it so much any more so I got a free pass to make something else from it!

That’s always fun 🙂

I first painted the canvas in the same color as the opposite wall.

For the silhouette, I altered a picture of the kids into black&white, and then blew it up to the size of my canvas with Rasterbator.

That site is very handy, it will enlarge your picture and turn it into a series of print-size papers which you then can print out yourself.

You can tape the prints together to make a poster. I used the poster to transfer the picture with carbon paper onto the canvas, and then painted the silhouette with a grey wallpaint.

Wait, wall paint you say? no acrylic paint?

well, acrylic is also a very good choice but I had this paint in my house and thought it would look nice. And it does, it gives a “cloudy” effect.

You can see the cloudy effect clearly in the kids. I made this canvas silhouette about three years ago, they have grown quite a bit since then.

 canvas silhouette

I really like my new wall deco, and so does Hubby 🙂

Mission succeeded!

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