Creative children’s birthday party

Handlettering workshop

Recently I gave a handlettering workshop at a children’s party.

During the handlettering workshop at the ladiesfair there were a lot of kids that enjoyed handlettering.

One girl liked it so much that she asked me if I would host het children’s party. Sure! I would like that!

Children’s party

At the end of last month it was party time: Astrid’s birthday party. And it was a lot of fun!

Together with Astrid and her mom we decided to give a creative party with Handlettering and Slime making.

In the handlettering workshop we practised letters, and made a bunch of lettering creativeness, and after that we played with gooey gooey slime!

As you might know, slime making is huge nowadays, and the internet is full of slime making recipies.

The party was a lot of fun. The children also liked it, next saturday I’m giving another creative birthday party for a girl who was on Astrid’s party. I’m excited!


Ladiesfair workshop handlettering

Last saturday there was a Ladiesfair in Feanwaldsterwal (close to my home) where I gave a handlettering workshop. It was a big hit!

Despite the rainy weather a lot of Ladies came to the fair, and many of them joined the handlettering workshop.

I gave the workshop together with Bonnie from, a Dutch children’s coach.

The picture below is made about a half our before the opening of the fair. You can see we are ready for the strom 🙂



Luckily the Ladiesfair was in a big tent, as the weathergods were having a bad day. On the table you can see examples and books we brought as inspriation.

During the workshop they could copy letters, they could practise brushlettering, they could make their own quote and the ladies could write white-pen-on-black-paper.

I think the best white pen on the market is the Uniball Signo. This pen has a beautiful white opaque ink.

For the “normal” black writing pens I use the Pigma Micron pens. These are available in different thicknesses and they do not bleed through the paper. Ideal.

Anyway, this ladiesfair was superfun and if there is another one, I will join again!




Handlettering challenges: my entries

Handlettering is one of my creative outlets.

Sometimes I find it difficult to come up with things to handletter, so I participate in handlettering challenges on Instagram (you can read more about it in this post). It is fun and it solves my lack of inspiration 🙂

Below you can find my latest entries:

handlettering challenges
Accio, a Harry Potter spell. An attempt at brushlettering.
handlettering challenges
Take a step. Repeat.
handlettering challenges
The O’s are eyes
handlettering challenges
I proof-read my work and found lots of mistakes 🙂
handlettering challenges
I tried some shading.
handlettering challenges
Stippling gives a nice effect
handlettering challenges
Mr. Roboto. There also are doodle challenges. I’m not much of a doodler, but I can just manage a robot.
handlettering challenges
Another Harry Potter quote. Sneep still loves Lily. Dumbledore says:”After all this time?” Sneep:”Always.”
handlettering challenges
So true.
handlettering challenges
Star wars! Yoda is my favorite Jedi.
handlettering challenges
This quote is from The Wizard of Oz. Practised brushlettering again, it’s quite difficult!
handlettering challenges
This one was for easter 🙂
handlettering challenges
Recognize the quote? It’s from The Karate Kid. I watched that movie lots of times.

Wow, that was a lot! But then, handlettering challenges are so great to participate in 🙂

As you may have seen I occasionally try brushlettering. Brushlettering is handlettering with a brushpen, a pen with a soft tip. It gives a very pretty result, at least, if you’re good at it. I’m still at a practicing level, it is quite hard to master! If you want to learn more about brushlettering, google and youtube have lots of tips and info (the searchwords are already entered in the link, just click and you will automatically go to the relevant page).

In the meantime I am also working on lots of other things. For example, I just finished a bag I made for my sister. I will show the pictures next time.

Have a nice day!


handlettering challenge

Participating in Handlettering challenges on Instagram

Handlettering is really fun to do!

It is relaxing, it doesn’t have to take much time to make a quote, and everybody has the tools to start handlettering; you only need a pencil, an eraser, and a (black) pen/fineliner. And paper of course. You’ll definitely need some paper. You could use lots more materials if you wish (lots and lots more!), but these four items are the basics.

Sometimes it is difficult however to come up with a nice quote, or you can’t find the time to just sit down and make something.

Recently I started to participate in handlettering challenges on Instagram, for these reasons. In a handlettering challenge you’ll get a month’s worth of quotes, one for each day. Every day you participate, you post your creation with the corresponding tags on Instagram, so that all participants can see your creation and you can see what the other participants have made. It’s fun!

Below you can see some of my contributions for the Dutchlettering Instagram account:

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coldfoiling technique

Valentine card with handlettering and coldfoiling technique


As you may have read I’m uploading some older posts from my Dutch blog.

Today I will show you a card I made for Valentine’s day:

I will also show you the coldfoiling technique how to give the card a glossy finish.

coldfoiling technique

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