Valentine card with handlettering and coldfoiling technique

coldfoiling technique


As you may have read I’m uploading some older posts from my Dutch blog.

Today I will show you a card I made for Valentine’s day:

I will also show you the coldfoiling technique how to give the card a glossy finish.

coldfoiling technique

I made a square card, with handlettering en coldfoil.

Cold foil?

Coldfoil is a very thin metal foil that can be applied to a surface with glue or heat. There are various techniques how to apply coldfoil, today I will show you one.

Maybe I will fill a post someday with the various ways to use coldfoil, its fun to work with!

For this technique you will need:

-A card

-materials for handlettering, like a pencil, an eraser and a pen,

-Heidi Swapp Reactive Paint,

-Cold foil in the color of your choice,

-2 paper sheets (printer paper for example),

-and a laminating machine (any brand will do).

I started with the handlettering design.

I made a design in pencil, and drew it out in pen when I was happy with the design. You can then erase the pencil marks.

coldfoiling technique coldfoiling technique

I quite like how the card turned out 🙂

My idea was to make the heart on the card pink with a coldfoiling technique.

With this method you use Reactive Paint by Heidi Swapp. It is called paint, but actually it’s more like glue. You can apply it with a brush.

coldfoiling technique

My experiments told me that, if you want a equal layer of gloss on your project, you must apply a rather thick layer of Reactive Paint. This was a bit tough to do around the word “MY” , as they have to stay white!

In the picture below you can see the thick layer of Reactive Paint on the card. Now you will need to let the Reactive Paint dry completely. That sounds weird, but this glue/paint doesn’t work with “sticky” but with heat.

If you can’t wait, or are in a hurry, you could speed up the process with a heat gun.

 coldfoiling technique

Okay! The glue/paint is completely dry now.

Now it’s time for the coldfoil and the laminating machine!

coldfoiling technique

Heidi Swapp has marketed a special laminating machine for these kinds of projects, the Minc. But to be honest this method works with all kinds of laminators.

 From the coldfoil, you cut a piece that fits the part of your card with the Reactive Paint (in my case, the heart).

coldfoiling technique

Then you place the design (my card) between two sheets of paper, feed it through the warm laminating machine. The two sheets of paper are there to protect your project (and the laminating device !).

coldfoiling technique

And now: did it work? exciting!

coldfoiling technique

You can see in the image above that the foil sticks to the heart. I carefully pulled away the coild foil, and tadaa!

coldfoiling technique

You can see spots that didn’t stick well, that is because the Paint layer wasn’t thick enough in these places. It gives the project a “homemade look” don’t you think?  🙂

 coldfoiling technique

I’m curious what you think of it, your’e welcome to leave a reply!


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