Crocheted a groceries bag, gave it to my sweet sister

A while ago I saw in the 5th edition of Aan de Haak (a Dutch crocheting magazine) a design of a groceries bag.

The groceries bag is in the lower left corner of the cover


Very handy, a (spare) groceries tote, and good for the environment!

It also looks a lot happier than those plastic bags.

I especially liked the bottom and the handles of the bag, I wanted to change the sides. Below you can read what I changed.

The bottom of the bag is made of a big circle of double crochets. As you can see I used yarn with many colors. It is Papatya batik acrylic yarn.


In the original pattern the sides are made with 7 chainstiches, hooked with a single crochet. This becomes a fishnetted pattern. I replaced this with 5 chain stitches, hooked with a single crochet, and 3 double crochets in each loop in the row above. Then a row with 5 chain stitches, and then another row of 3 double crochets in each loop. Etcetera. The bottom- and top two rows are made with loops of 3 chainstiches instead of 5.


The handles are made as the pattern describes. The last two rows were crocheted with a matching blue yarn, and the top row is a crab stitch.


  groceries    groceriesgroceries

I gave this bag to my sweet sister, she had her birthday last week. I put a few little gifts in the bag.

I’m working on a new pattern, it will be ready for King’s day (hint!). Come back soon!


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