crocheted shawl Waterlilly

Besides painting, I also enjoy crocheting. I crocheted a lot lately, and the next three projects are on their way. You can read more on the upcoming projects at the end of this post, first I would like to show you the project I finished recently.


After reading the magazine in the photo’s below, I wanted to crochet the scarf pictured here.

It is called the shawl Waterlilly. I had never crocheted a triangular scarf before, this pattern seemed a good place to start. You start with a very long chain of stitches, and decrease the number of stitches each row untill you have no more stitches left, and have made a triangular scarf.

Here you can see the result:

Maybe I will use a plain yarn next time, because the colors in the yarn I used interfere a bit with the pattern.

Here you can see some detail pictures:

My mom loved the shawl, so now it is hers 🙂

Meanwhile, I am almost finished with a project with a circle.

Also, I started crocheting a blanket, and I want to participate in the goedgemutst breicampagne. But then with crocheted hats:) The proceeds of the goedgemutstcampagne go to the national seniors fund that organises activities for (lonely) elderly people.

The blanket is a big big project, so, when I don’t feel like it I can make some hats as a nice little project-in-between.

Plenty to do, I will keep you informed!


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