DIY project: fluffy wooden star with lights, christmas or winter decoration

fluffy wooden star

Another DIY project! A fluffy wooden star.


A DIY project with stars, I love stars. This time I made a decoration which would look awesome in winter, and around Christmas.

I made lots of pictures, so if you want to make this star decoration, just follow my lead!

fluffy wooden star
This star was in my house last Christmastime. Isn’t it pretty?!

What have I used?

  • a wooden star. These were for sale in a local store last year. Of course you could use another shape, just see what is available in your surroundings.

    fluffy wooden star
    This is the base, a wooden star.
  • Star foil or window glas film

  • battery operated lights, I used 20 lights

  • Glitter, and

  • a soft boa or something similar

  • tools: pencil, scissors, double sided adhesive tape and a glue gun

Okay, what will we do first?

First we will cut the star foil (or window film) to size, and tape it to the wooden star with doublesided adhesive tape.

fluffy wooden star
drawing the foil…
fluffy wooden star
…cutting it out and sticking it to the star with double sided adhesive tape.

After that, glue the lamps to the back of the star with the glue gun.

First I glued the batteryholder in place. Look for a place that you can access easily so you can turn the lights on and off without looking like an acrobat. Placing the batterypack on the bottom of the star (or whatever form you choose) will give it more sturdyness.

fluffy wooden star
The lights are glued to the star with a glue gun.
fluffy wooden star
A detail picture. I pushed the wire in the glue. Hold it in place for a bit, and it’s stuck in the glue.

This is how the star looks with star foil and lights:

fluffy wooden star.

I’m not quite pleased with the result yet, as you can see the doublesided adhesive tape through the foil.

So now its time for glitter!

I have a love-hate relationship with glitter. It looks beautiful, but it will stick to you permanently. Three days later you can still find glitter everywhere. Even after vacuuming. And cleaning. And washing your hands. And cleaning your face. Glitter e-ve-ry-where. But hey, it looks so pretty!!! So some sacrifices will be tolerated 😉

Soooo, back to the DIY. I taped the edge of the star again with double sided tape, and poured a lot of glitter onto the sticky side of the tape. If you put a piece of paper under the star, you can place the remainder of the glitter back in the glitterpot. I chose a white glitter with a pearly effect:

fluffy wooden star
white glitter, pretty!
fluffy wooden star
pour the glitter onto the adhesive tape
fluffy wooden star
Glitter e-ve-ry-where.. The remaining glitter can be wiped with a soft cloth.
fluffy wooden star
So shiny!

Hmmm, and still I wasn’t totally happy.

It needed an “oompf” of another kind.

At the Christmas section of a local gardencentre a found a feather boa with small feathers instead of big ones. This boa is very soft! I unfortunately forgot to make a picture of the entire boa, so I got an image of the internet so you can get an idea of the kind of boa I mean:

nog meer sterren!
This kind of boa, but in a minty green color.

I glued the boa to the star with the glue gun.

And that was the “oompf” I was looking for!

A fluffy wooden star!

Here are three more pictures of the result:

fluffy wooden star
Detail of the star
fluffy wooden star
fluffy wooden star
Completely finsihed, completely happy.

If you have any questions or comments, just let me know!

Hugs, Gea

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