DIY sponge: crocheting cute sponges!


Did you hear about the new yarn to crochet your own sponges?

I saw it mentioned a few times in magazines and online, and I was curious about it.

That’s why I bought 3 skeins of this yarn in fun colors ( it was hard to choose!) at

The yarn is called Creative Bubble, it is made of 100% polyester and it looks quite prickly. Although the thread looks prickly, it is not! It’s actually quite soft and flexible.


There are cute patterns available for this yarn, but I just

crocheted circles. The design for the circles comes from the book Mandala’s haken (crocheting mandala’s) by Haafner Linssen.


My first circle was a test project, to experience the yarn. Despite the hairy thread it actually crochets surprisingly easy, better than most other hairy yarns. You can easily see the stitches.

I folded the first circle in half and crocheted it closed. In green and red/pink you could make a watermelon sponge, that would be cute!

In the picture below you can clearly see the hairy theads.


Another fun idea: a cactus! Made in green, that would also make a awesome sponge 🙂

The second sponge was made of two circles, crocheted together at the seam. Both sides have the same pattern.

A very flowery sponge!



Now there is only one more question: does this yarn work well as a sponge?!

I used the sponges I made at my sink, and they work just fine! They feel soft and comfortable, and they clean the dishes softly. I think you could use these sponges when taking a bath, but I didn’t try it.


These sponges were fun to crochet, and it’s also makes a fun gift!

You can bet there will follow more sponges 🙂

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