DIY: wooden houses, a whole street filled with lights

Houses with lights!

I have another DIY project for you, with wooden houses.

The base of this DIY is a creative set by Action, a Dutch shoppingchain. (but perhaps there is a similar kit available in your vicinity)

The idea is not my own, I found it somewhere on the internet, but I gave my own twist to it.

In the picture below you can see the finished project:


A set of canalhouses with lights behind the windows, it looks so cute!

Curious how I made it?

Below you can find the tutorial with lots of pictures.

I started with 2 sets of these canalhouses sets from the Action shop:


1 set costs €2.49 and contains 4 houses, paint and decorating materials such as window paper, decorated paper to make the “walls” and accessories such as a christmas tree and a snowman.

Contents of 1 set: 4 wooden houses and decorating materials

I will not use the decorating materials in this DIY, perhaps I will use them later (to make cards or something)

I painted the wooden parts twice with grey chalkpaint.

A tip: as you only have to paint one side of the houses, it is wise to check in advance how the houses fit together so you don’t paint the wrong side of the house. Almost happened to me 🙂

I used this paint, it was a left-over from another project.
All parts are painted twice.

I found the grey paint a bit boring, so I added some decorations with stamps and black ink:

These are the stamps I used, with black Stazon ink.


The effect is subtle, but it “breaks” the solid grey color. Glittery paint would also be a fun idea!

Next, I glued foil behind the windows.

I could have used the windowpaper from the set, but I decided to use starfoil; a foil with a starry effect. You can also see it in this post. I attached the foil with doublesided tape.

This is what the backside of the houses look like with the window foil.

This is how it looks from the front:


Time for the next phase: lights!

Star foil gives a pretty effect when the lights are placed a small distance from the foil. Lights close to the foil give small stars, lights at more distance give bigger stars.

I used 40-bulb LEDs with a metal wire. The metal wire is useful as you can bend it in shape to bring the lights in the right position. The lights are attached to the houses with adhesive tape. You can also see ducttape on the photo, i used that to attach the houses together. (all on the back of the houses of course)


Each set of houses has it’s own lights. This way the houses are more easy to pick up and move around. You can place them all togheter and make a street, but because the two sets are separate I can also choose to make two smaller streets.

This is the end result:

In the windows you can see the starry effect from the starfoil
ooooo, stars!
The street stands on the dresser in my livingroom.

It looks really cozy at night with the lights 🙂


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