Freebie! A PDF file of a free mask! Cool for dress-up, crafting, Mardi Gras, ..

free mask


There is a new freebie added to the site!

As you may know I have an Etsy Shop, where I sell digital files for printing, or cutting with a cutting machine such as the Silhouette Cameo.

One of the newest items I placed there is a set of masks. Very handy for Carnival, Mardi Gras, (children’s) parties, and crafting. The masks are ready to print and to cut out with scissors, but there are also file types available for those of you who have a Cameo (or similar device).

  free mask

And one of these masks is free for you now!

free mask

A free mask! Cool!

On the bottom of this post you can download a PDF file with this mask in it, all ready to be printed!

The only thing you have to do is cut it out, punch holes for a ribbon, or attach a stick and ready steady mask!

That is so much fun at a crafting party, a rainy day, a last-minute carnaval decoration,.. you name it!

To show you more clearly what the mask looks like, I printed the mask myself, and added ribbons:

(If you see stripes, that’s from my printer. The PDF is completely without stripes)

free mask

You could also decorate the mask with feathers, rhinestones, glitter,..

Here you see the same mask, but now with some added rhinestones :

free mask

Cool hey? I can come up with a whole set of cool decorations for this mask. The other masks from this Etsy set are also awesome. The set of 10 masks can be found here .

Have fun with your free mask!

Click here for your free mask

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