Placing a vinyl decal on a smooth surface

Vinyl decals are great! They can easily (and fast!) change the look of a wall, window or any other smooth surface.

But how are you supposed to place them correctly? Placing a vinyl decal can be tricky!

In this post you will find a tutorial on how to place vinyl decals to a smooth surface in 7 easy steps.

Step 1:

Make sure the surface is CLEAN. Vinyl decals can be placed on any smooth surface, inside and outside your home.

On the pictures you will see me place a House decal on a window. I cleanded the window first with windowcleaner (you can also use rubbing alcohol to clean a window before sticking your decal)

Step 2:

When you purchase vinyl decals, they sit between two sheets of paper/plastic. One is a white, or slightly transparent, paper, the other is a (semi-)transparent transfer tape. (When you made the decals yourself, you have to place tranfer tape over the weeded decal.)

Before removing any of the protective sheets, rub a squeegee or a (old) creditcard over the decal to make sure the decal sticks to the transfertape. Rub from the center to the corners.

placing a vinyl decal

Step 3:

If you have multiple decals, you can cut them to their individual pieces, as seen on the picture.

placing a vinyl decal

Step 4:

Remove the backing paper from the decal. Your decal should stick to the (semi-)transparent transfer tape. When the decal doesn’t stick correctly, try rubbing it some more with the squeegee.

placing a vinyl decal

Step 5:

Place the decal on the designated surface. In the picture I placed the house on a window, but this method will work on any smooth surface. Leave the transfer tape on for now, and rub the decal onto the surface with a squeegee. Work carefull and precise, you can’t re-use the decal!

placing a vinyl decal

Step 6:

Now carefully peel away the transfer tape. The best way is not to pull towards you, but parallel to the decal. If the decal doesn’t stick, rub it some more with the squeegee. Sometimes it will also help to wait a few minutes before removing the transfer tape.

placing a vinyl decal

Step 7:

Tadaa! You did it! The decal is in place! Whoop Whoop!

placing a vinyl decal

If you have multiple decals, just repeat the steps above. On the picture below you see the result from my house. It’s a street with Sinterklaas decoration (Sinterklaas is a Dutch celebration).

Removing the decals is easy

(but remember, they cannot be re-used). Just peel away the decal with your fingers, your nails, or a palette knife. Any glue residues can be removed with glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol.

placing a vinyl decal

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, if you have any questions just let me know. You can leave a reply to this post, or contact me via the contact form or my email:

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