Sewing around two jute bags , happy groceries shopping!

sewing around jute bag

About 1,5 years ago I really was into sewing.

And one (actualy, two) of the things I made were these jute shopping bags.

For a while these jute bags were available at supermarkets as a environmentally friendly substitute for plastic bags, a great initiative!

jute bags
these jute bags were available in the supermarkets

But what happened was that the entire crafting population bought up these bags to crochet or sew around them 🙂

The streets were full of happy bags, and the supermarkets were out of bags!

I also did my share in this hype, and made two happy bags with fabric (I couldn’t crochet yet at that time).

Here you see one of the bags:

jute bags
pretty fabric
jute bags
This side has three slide pockets in green fabric with pink biais tape
jute bags
On the inside more birdies and a zipper pocket

I used cute fabric with birds and flowers, and matching green and pink fabric. One one side of the bag I made three little slide pockets (to put some bananas?). On the inside there is a zipper pocket for money and keys.

And here is the other one:

jute bags
pretty fabrics, with three slide pockets in green with pink biais tape
jute bags
apples pretty apples! These two pockets are sewn on and have a blue snap closure
jute bags
glance at the inside of the bag
jute bags
On one side: a zipper pocket (and apples!)
jute bags
On the other side: a pocket with an elastic band (there would fit an apple!)

On this bag I used fabrics with apples (so cute!) and matching green and pink fabric. On one side there are two pockets with snaps, the other side has three slidepockets just as the first bag (more bananas!). Inside this bag there is a zipper pocket and a pocket with elastic band.

I really enjoyed making these bags, and am very glad with how they turned out.

There is one bag left.

I’m thinking about crocheting around that one. It’s still in the thinking-about-it-phase, when it becomes a WIP (Work In Progress) you will hear about it 🙂

Hugs, Gea


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