Felted a crocheted bag, love the effect!

I was in a yarn shop the other day, where I saw a curious looking bag.

It appeared it was a crocheted bag that was felted afterwards.

Look, here’s an example I found on another blog:


I really love this effect and wanted to try it myself.

For this purpose I bought the Big Delight Atlantis yarn from Drops.


It is very important that you use wool, other yarn types (acryl, cotton) will not felt.

The bag I made has a very simple design. You just crochet a big rectangle that you fold over 1,5 times. That makes the front, back and flap. You also crochet a long thin strip that will become the sides of the bag and the handle. The long strip is connected to the front and back of the bag with single crochets.


Below you see the bag I crocheted, before I felted it.

I only used single crochets. You can make the bag as big or small as you want. Just remember that the felting process reduces the size of the bag by 15-30%, so you need to make the bag bigger than you want it to become after the felting.

Before felting, my bag was 40 cm wide, 25 cm high and the flap was 14 cm high. I used about 2,5 skeins.



This wool has a beautiful pattern!

I added two buttonhooks, which I made by crocheting a row of chainstitches and adding a row of single crochets.



The felting process is super simple, you just put the bag in the washing machine on a program of choice, at about 40-60 degrees Celcius. That’s it!

Are you curious how the bag turned out?

Here it is:


I’m superpleased with it, and think it worked out great.

The bag became thicker and sturdier by the felting, and is very suitable as a bag (even for heavier goods).


I absolutely love the color pattern!


This picture shows the back of the bag.

After felting the bag is 28 cm wide, 22 cm high and the flap is 10,5 cm. It shrunk quite a bit, about 15-30% (depending where you measure), exactly the amout that was predicted!

I also bought 3 skeins of Drops Big Delight Lava, and I’m still working on which felting project  want to make next.Perhaps another bag?


I wish you a nice day!

Bag in four colors, trying a new technique

Recently I wanted to try something new: crocheting with multiple colors.

This technique is known as mochilla crocheting or tapestry. There appears to be a difference between the two: tapestry crocheting is done with two colors, with mochilla crocheting you use more than two colors at once.

To start with a project that is not all too difficult I chose a pattern with a tapestry motif, so that there are no more than two colorstrands at once.

bag in four colors

The pattern I chose is of a bag in four colors, you can fine the pattern HERE, or you can click on the picture above.

As you can see in the picture it is a cute little purse, ideal for trying out a technique I’ve never done before!

For this bag in four colors you’ll need 1 skein Drops Cotton Light of each color. Instead of yellow I chose a petrolblue color for my bag.

bag in four colors

It took me a while to understand the multiple-strand technique. But with the tutorialvideos on garnstudio.com I found out what I did wrong.

Crocheting with two colors takes some getting used to, the threads keep tangling but this seems to come with the territory. If someone of you has a good tip how to deal with this I sure want to know!

The lower two-color rows are not quite as-it-should-be, I finally understood the technique completely when I crochetd the large grey-white pattern (took me four times!). As I didn’t feel like starting completely over I just kept the lower rows as they are, perfection is in the imperfection, right? 😉

bag in four colors

Now that the bag in four colors is finished I am really pleased with it. I enjoyed learning this new technique! Once you get it, it is not hard at all, although crocheting with multiple colors takes more time to crochet. I defenitely will use this technique again, my doughter wants a purse like this too 🙂

And who knows, perhaps I can master the mochilla technique (with more than two colors) once too!

bag in four colors

Crocheted a groceries bag, gave it to my sweet sister

A while ago I saw in the 5th edition of Aan de Haak (a Dutch crocheting magazine) a design of a groceries bag.

The groceries bag is in the lower left corner of the cover


Very handy, a (spare) groceries tote, and good for the environment!

It also looks a lot happier than those plastic bags.

I especially liked the bottom and the handles of the bag, I wanted to change the sides. Below you can read what I changed.

The bottom of the bag is made of a big circle of double crochets. As you can see I used yarn with many colors. It is Papatya batik acrylic yarn.


In the original pattern the sides are made with 7 chainstiches, hooked with a single crochet. This becomes a fishnetted pattern. I replaced this with 5 chain stitches, hooked with a single crochet, and 3 double crochets in each loop in the row above. Then a row with 5 chain stitches, and then another row of 3 double crochets in each loop. Etcetera. The bottom- and top two rows are made with loops of 3 chainstiches instead of 5.


The handles are made as the pattern describes. The last two rows were crocheted with a matching blue yarn, and the top row is a crab stitch.


  groceries    groceriesgroceries

I gave this bag to my sweet sister, she had her birthday last week. I put a few little gifts in the bag.

I’m working on a new pattern, it will be ready for King’s day (hint!). Come back soon!


sewing around jute bag

Sewing around two jute bags , happy groceries shopping!

About 1,5 years ago I really was into sewing.

And one (actualy, two) of the things I made were these jute shopping bags.

For a while these jute bags were available at supermarkets as a environmentally friendly substitute for plastic bags, a great initiative!

jute bags
these jute bags were available in the supermarkets

But what happened was that the entire crafting population bought up these bags to crochet or sew around them 🙂

The streets were full of happy bags, and the supermarkets were out of bags!

I also did my share in this hype, and made two happy bags with fabric (I couldn’t crochet yet at that time).

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