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Ten free bunting crochet patterns

As you may know from previous posts, I love bunting!

(you can see here, and here)

The interweb is full of crochetpatterns, including bunting.

In this post I have collected 10 sites with free crochet patterns for making bunting and garlands.

Here you can find the bunting, with the links to the pages.



Happy crafting!


Birthday present: Garland! Crocheted bunting with free pattern

A while back my sister-in-law and her son had their birthday.

They have their birthday on the same day, how great is that! That was an awesome birthday present 11 years ago 🙂

For my Sister-in-law I made a little present:

a birthday garland!

I crocheted this garland with a self-designed pattern, the pattern is described below.


Very merry, lots of bunting to make every room a happy place 🙂

And they are not at all hard to make!

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bunting on a cake

Bunting on a cake, with free crochet pattern!

I saw a fun idea on Instagram:

A crocheted bunting on a cake!

And those are exactly the things I like to try, it looks so cute!

You can see the result in the picture below:

bunting on a cake

 Isn’t that awesome?!

Bunting on a cake, how festive can you get 🙂

These will look awesome on a (children’s) birthday cake, and the bunting is not difficult to make.

The individual flags are connected with a thread to two wooden skewers, which you poke in the cake.

 Curious about the free pattern?

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