crocheted shawl Waterlilly

Besides painting, I also enjoy crocheting. I crocheted a lot lately, and the next three projects are on their way. You can read more on the upcoming projects at the end of this post, first I would like to show you the project I finished recently.


After reading the magazine in the photo’s below, I wanted to crochet the scarf pictured here.

It is called the shawl Waterlilly. I had never crocheted a triangular scarf before, this pattern seemed a good place to start. You start with a very long chain of stitches, and decrease the number of stitches each row untill you have no more stitches left, and have made a triangular scarf.

Here you can see the result:

Maybe I will use a plain yarn next time, because the colors in the yarn I used interfere a bit with the pattern.

Here you can see some detail pictures:

My mom loved the shawl, so now it is hers 🙂

Meanwhile, I am almost finished with a project with a circle.

Also, I started crocheting a blanket, and I want to participate in the goedgemutst breicampagne. But then with crocheted hats:) The proceeds of the goedgemutstcampagne go to the national seniors fund that organises activities for (lonely) elderly people.

The blanket is a big big project, so, when I don’t feel like it I can make some hats as a nice little project-in-between.

Plenty to do, I will keep you informed!


Felted a crocheted bag, love the effect!

I was in a yarn shop the other day, where I saw a curious looking bag.

It appeared it was a crocheted bag that was felted afterwards.

Look, here’s an example I found on another blog:


I really love this effect and wanted to try it myself.

For this purpose I bought the Big Delight Atlantis yarn from Drops.


It is very important that you use wool, other yarn types (acryl, cotton) will not felt.

The bag I made has a very simple design. You just crochet a big rectangle that you fold over 1,5 times. That makes the front, back and flap. You also crochet a long thin strip that will become the sides of the bag and the handle. The long strip is connected to the front and back of the bag with single crochets.


Below you see the bag I crocheted, before I felted it.

I only used single crochets. You can make the bag as big or small as you want. Just remember that the felting process reduces the size of the bag by 15-30%, so you need to make the bag bigger than you want it to become after the felting.

Before felting, my bag was 40 cm wide, 25 cm high and the flap was 14 cm high. I used about 2,5 skeins.



This wool has a beautiful pattern!

I added two buttonhooks, which I made by crocheting a row of chainstitches and adding a row of single crochets.



The felting process is super simple, you just put the bag in the washing machine on a program of choice, at about 40-60 degrees Celcius. That’s it!

Are you curious how the bag turned out?

Here it is:


I’m superpleased with it, and think it worked out great.

The bag became thicker and sturdier by the felting, and is very suitable as a bag (even for heavier goods).


I absolutely love the color pattern!


This picture shows the back of the bag.

After felting the bag is 28 cm wide, 22 cm high and the flap is 10,5 cm. It shrunk quite a bit, about 15-30% (depending where you measure), exactly the amout that was predicted!

I also bought 3 skeins of Drops Big Delight Lava, and I’m still working on which felting project  want to make next.Perhaps another bag?


I wish you a nice day!

I made another mandala / suncatcher!

I made another mandala!

Do you remember that I mentioned in a previous post that I was working on a new suncather?

Well, it’s finished!


And I like it a lot  🙂

For this mandala I used the biggest ring available in the DIY kit. This ring is 25 cm (just under 10 inches) in diameter, a nice big can’t-ignore-me size.

I wanted to make this mandala in rainbow colors, so I used red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet colored yarn. Or, for the indigo en violet, colors that looked similar to indigo and violet.

I started in the middle with red, and used all the colors twice. For the design I used the pattern that was provided with the DIY kit from  de Kettingkast.

The edge of the mandala /  suncatcher is crocheted with “too many” stitches, which gives the curly effect. I like it!

Now I just need to find a nice place to hang this beauty.



Suncatcher, mandala, dreamcatcher..?

In my crochet supplies I found a project that I hadn’t started yet (does that ever happen to you? That you buy a happy project and than leave it for later..?)

I bought it on the Handwerkbeurs in Zwolle, a creative market. That was in february, so this crochet project was waiting it’s turn for some time! The project is a set of rings and a booklet to make suncathers, I bought it from De Kettingkast.


They are present on many creative markets in The Netherlands, and their stand is always very colorfull with lots of suncatchers, mandala’s and dreamcathers. I couldn’t walk by without buying a project.

When do you use which word by the way? When is it a suncather, a dreamcatcher or a mandala? Does anyone know? Or are all names allowed? Really, I have no idea.

Since this was my first attempt to crochet with a metal ring, I started with the smallest one. I chose yarn in blue tones.

Here is the result, my suncatcher (mandala, dreamcather, or something):

suncatcher suncatcher

I’m very pleased with the result, it hangs in front of my window now.

I liked this project very much, so now I started with another ring, this time the biggest one! That one will have different colors. Which ones you ask? That is a surprise 🙂



king's day

King’s Day: free crown crochet pattern!

It’s King’s Day this week in the Netherlands, and for that occasion I designed a crown!

king's day koningsdag

The crown is made up of two parts, and you can crochet the crown in any color you want!

For King’s Day I made the crown in orange, and red-white-and-blue, our National colors. Isn’t it gorgeous?!

My doughter loves it, she wears it every day 🙂

For the pattern description I made the crown again, and this time in yellow-red. Also very Regal colors! The beads makes it look all pretty.


Do you want to make this crown?

Here’s the link to the UK pattern:

Haakpatroon Kroon UK (119 downloads)

And here’s the link to the USA pattern:

haakpatroon kroon USA (132 downloads)

The pattern is also available in Dutch, via THIS LINK.

Have fun!


dragon and unicorn, once upon a time,…

A while ago we were in a local Dutch Boekenvoordeel store, and saw cute crochet kits of a dragon and a unicorn.

Both kids found them totally awesome and asked if I would crochet these amigurumi for them.

Sure! 🙂

dragon and unicorn dragon and unicorn

When I came home, I saw that the yarn in the kits was more wooly than the packet suggests. That was a bit unfortunate. I used a different yarn than the one provided (I used Phildar 3) to get the same smooth look as the picture on the kit.

Here’s the dragon:

dragon and unicorn

dragon and unicorn
Waah! a dragon!

dragon and unicorn
He has wings and a pretty red ridge on his back.

And here’s the unicorn:

dragon and unicorn

dragon and unicorn

dragon and unicorn

The blue sparkly manes and the light blue horn are made with ByClaire yarn. Perhaps it would be better next time to use a smaller hook/thinner yarn on the manes, they are a bit too bulky for my taste.

Both kids are super happy with the amigurumi, so mommy is too!:)

The Wollowbies series are not only available in kits, but also as books. There is an animal version (from which I made this chick) and just recently they launched a fairytale version with these dragon and unicorn in it.  These books are available in Dutch and German and available in various bookstores and yarnshops.

In the meantime I am working on several new projects, when they are finished I will show them here on my blog. If you want to keep track on my progress, you can follow my Instagram account where I regularly show pictures of my ongoing struggles 😉

I wish you well, have a nice day!