Crocheted a groceries bag, gave it to my sweet sister

A while ago I saw in the 5th edition of Aan de Haak (a Dutch crocheting magazine) a design of a groceries bag.

The groceries bag is in the lower left corner of the cover


Very handy, a (spare) groceries tote, and good for the environment!

It also looks a lot happier than those plastic bags.

I especially liked the bottom and the handles of the bag, I wanted to change the sides. Below you can read what I changed.

The bottom of the bag is made of a big circle of double crochets. As you can see I used yarn with many colors. It is Papatya batik acrylic yarn.


In the original pattern the sides are made with 7 chainstiches, hooked with a single crochet. This becomes a fishnetted pattern. I replaced this with 5 chain stitches, hooked with a single crochet, and 3 double crochets in each loop in the row above. Then a row with 5 chain stitches, and then another row of 3 double crochets in each loop. Etcetera. The bottom- and top two rows are made with loops of 3 chainstiches instead of 5.


The handles are made as the pattern describes. The last two rows were crocheted with a matching blue yarn, and the top row is a crab stitch.


  groceries    groceriesgroceries

I gave this bag to my sweet sister, she had her birthday last week. I put a few little gifts in the bag.

I’m working on a new pattern, it will be ready for King’s day (hint!). Come back soon!


dragon and unicorn, once upon a time,…

A while ago we were in a local Dutch Boekenvoordeel store, and saw cute crochet kits of a dragon and a unicorn.

Both kids found them totally awesome and asked if I would crochet these amigurumi for them.

Sure! 🙂

dragon and unicorn dragon and unicorn

When I came home, I saw that the yarn in the kits was more wooly than the packet suggests. That was a bit unfortunate. I used a different yarn than the one provided (I used Phildar 3) to get the same smooth look as the picture on the kit.

Here’s the dragon:

dragon and unicorn

dragon and unicorn
Waah! a dragon!

dragon and unicorn
He has wings and a pretty red ridge on his back.

And here’s the unicorn:

dragon and unicorn

dragon and unicorn

dragon and unicorn

The blue sparkly manes and the light blue horn are made with ByClaire yarn. Perhaps it would be better next time to use a smaller hook/thinner yarn on the manes, they are a bit too bulky for my taste.

Both kids are super happy with the amigurumi, so mommy is too!:)

The Wollowbies series are not only available in kits, but also as books. There is an animal version (from which I made this chick) and just recently they launched a fairytale version with these dragon and unicorn in it.  These books are available in Dutch and German and available in various bookstores and yarnshops.

In the meantime I am working on several new projects, when they are finished I will show them here on my blog. If you want to keep track on my progress, you can follow my Instagram account where I regularly show pictures of my ongoing struggles 😉

I wish you well, have a nice day!


Birthday present: Garland! Crocheted bunting with free pattern

A while back my sister-in-law and her son had their birthday.

They have their birthday on the same day, how great is that! That was an awesome birthday present 11 years ago 🙂

For my Sister-in-law I made a little present:

a birthday garland!

I crocheted this garland with a self-designed pattern, the pattern is described below.


Very merry, lots of bunting to make every room a happy place 🙂

And they are not at all hard to make!

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bunting on a cake

Bunting on a cake, with free crochet pattern!

I saw a fun idea on Instagram:

A crocheted bunting on a cake!

And those are exactly the things I like to try, it looks so cute!

You can see the result in the picture below:

bunting on a cake

 Isn’t that awesome?!

Bunting on a cake, how festive can you get 🙂

These will look awesome on a (children’s) birthday cake, and the bunting is not difficult to make.

The individual flags are connected with a thread to two wooden skewers, which you poke in the cake.

 Curious about the free pattern?

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bram the bear

Bear Bram has a new home

This is Bram the Bear.

Bram is a bit shy..

bear bram

I crocheted him with a pattern from Stip&Haak, and I think he looks great!

bear bram
Do you see something there Bram?

bear bram bear bram

I used Yarn&Colors yarn in the colors white and opaline glass. I used some left-over black for the nose , and the eyes are from a local Boekenvoordeel shop.

 bear bram  bear bram

 Meanwhile Bram the Bear has moved to his new owner; baby Niels can cuddle with Bram all day now.

(Beware: this type of eyes can be hazardous to small children)

I’m going to miss you Bram!