Unicorn themed birthday party

My daughter Marijke turned 8 in october, and she wanted a unicorn themed birthday party.

That can be arranged 🙂

So we went out and looked for unicorn themed items, such as diadems, balloons, stickers, lots of stuff!

Last week it was finally here: party-time!

We made a unicorn shaped pinata for the party. This is not difficult, all you need is old boxes, tinfoil for the horn, crepe paper, and a glue gun. And treats to fill the pinata of course!

I used THIS and THIS site as examples to make our unicorn. Unfortunately I didn’t make any pictures of the DIY process, but I do have pictures of the result:


It’s a cutie, right?!

I love how it turned out. Almost a shame to smash it. Almost, because smashing is fun 😉

Shouldn’t you be a DIY-er; Pinata’s are for sale in various (internet) shops.

At the party we looked for a treasure (with unicorn diadems in it), we did some watercoloring, decorated a cupcake (and ate it, nomnomnom) and we made unicorn slime (with glitters!).


Smashing the pinata was a lot of fun. Next time I will make the pinata a bit less sturdy, it took quite some time to smash it. Although this was also an advantage, as everyone could have a go at it 🙂

Hitting the pinata with a blindfold was difficult, so we removed it and hit it like we meant it!


One of her friends brought a party popper (with confetti in it) that she wanted to use after the pinata was broken. This was also a lot of fun!


It was a very merry party, everybody had lots of fun!

Now we will wait and see what she wants her theme to be next year 🙂





DIY: wooden houses, a whole street filled with lights

Houses with lights!

I have another DIY project for you, with wooden houses.

The base of this DIY is a creative set by Action, a Dutch shoppingchain. (but perhaps there is a similar kit available in your vicinity)

The idea is not my own, I found it somewhere on the internet, but I gave my own twist to it.

In the picture below you can see the finished project:


A set of canalhouses with lights behind the windows, it looks so cute!

Curious how I made it?

Below you can find the tutorial with lots of pictures.

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fluffy wooden star

DIY project: fluffy wooden star with lights, christmas or winter decoration

Another DIY project! A fluffy wooden star.


A DIY project with stars, I love stars. This time I made a decoration which would look awesome in winter, and around Christmas.

I made lots of pictures, so if you want to make this star decoration, just follow my lead!

fluffy wooden star
This star was in my house last Christmastime. Isn’t it pretty?!

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jar with lights

Jar with lights and stars DIY and a did you know

Today I will show you a DIY tutorial.

We will turn a plain jar into a light decoration.

A jar with lights! This would be lovely for Christmas!

The idea is an adaptation from a light I saw in a shop somewhere. The thing with DIY lights is that the battery holder stays outside of the pot/jar/vase, so you often have a cord with a battery holder placed next to your home-made light. Not pretty.

So, this DIY tutorial shows you how to make a jar with lights and stars, with the battery holder in the jar!

No more visible batteries! whoop whoop!

Of course the battery holder will be easily accessible, you will have to be able to turn the lights on and off, right?!

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canvas silhouette

Canvas silhouette DI, Wall deco of our kids

This canvas silhouette hangs on the wall in our house.

I made it myself, it’s a silhouette of our kids playing in the water.

canvas silhouette

It’s quite big, about 80×100 cm (that is about 31.5 x 39.5 inches).

I ordered the canvas once with a picture of my husband on it, but he didin’t like it so much any more so I got a free pass to make something else from it!

That’s always fun 🙂

I first painted the canvas in the same color as the opposite wall.

For the silhouette, I altered a picture of the kids into black&white, and then blew it up to the size of my canvas with Rasterbator.

That site is very handy, it will enlarge your picture and turn it into a series of print-size papers which you then can print out yourself.

You can tape the prints together to make a poster. I used the poster to transfer the picture with carbon paper onto the canvas, and then painted the silhouette with a grey wallpaint.

Wait, wall paint you say? no acrylic paint?

well, acrylic is also a very good choice but I had this paint in my house and thought it would look nice. And it does, it gives a “cloudy” effect.

You can see the cloudy effect clearly in the kids. I made this canvas silhouette about three years ago, they have grown quite a bit since then.

 canvas silhouette

I really like my new wall deco, and so does Hubby 🙂

Mission succeeded!