Passion Feanwalden: Workshop Slime!

Workshop Slime making

This last christmas vacation I gave a workshop Making Slime, and it was awesome!

The workshop was to support the local Passion Feanwalden, an organization that wants to play the Passion story in our local town. Under the direction Ruth Hanemaayer and musical guidance of Atsje Lettinga the organization wants to tell the history of the suffering an dying of Jesus. It’s a story about friendship, courage, bravery and sacrifice.

passion feanwalden

To finance such an event needs plenty of funds, and therefor they asked local creatives to give various workshops, of which the revenue goes the the funding of the Passion event.

Passion Feanwalden
A part of the ingredients for making slime.

So, to sponsor the Passion event, I gave a Slime Making workshop , and january 26 I will give a workshop Handlettering.

the Making Slime workshop was so much fun! A whopping 19 kids signed in. Luckily there was lots of help to make sure the slime stayed in the right places (and not on the walls, for example. Or in somebody’s hair. You do not want slime in your hair. Really. Speaking from experience here.) .

passion feanwalden
19 kids making slime!


here you can see more photo’s of the workshop: Continue reading “Passion Feanwalden: Workshop Slime!”


New designs on my Etsy page, perfect for winter!

This week I added four new designs to my Etsy page.

These files are designed for cutting machines like the SIlhouette Cameo or Cricut, but they are also suited for window chalk designs or to print yourself a pretty poster.

You know what, I will show you the files:



This Merry Christmas design would look fabulous on a window, in a scrapbook, or even drawn on a card with the Silhouette Cameo pen function.


These three Christmas Season quotes could be perfect on your door, in chalk or vinyl. They will also do great on a scrapbook or on a card.



This design is one of my favourites! Perhaps I will put this one on my window for the winter season.



And I also love how this one turned out, snowflakes on a string 🙂 This could be a beautiful window decal! The snowflakes can also be used without the strings.

Perhaps there is something here to your liking, in that case, look at my Etsy shop, and come back here for more designs in the future!




Carbingo! The kids’ new favorite car game

Here we are again! Fresh and fruity after a great holiday.

The kids are at school, now everything can regain it’s own “normal” rythm.

We have had the best summer holiday! We went to Denmark, and it was awesome. The big dream of our son Sietse was to go to Legoland, so we did that too 🙂 Great park by the way, even Dear Hubby, who has a general aversion for themeparks, had a great time!

Fot the car trip to Denmark I saw a fun idea on the Great Web: Carbingo! Out of a pillbox! With candy!!

Huh? What?

Let me explain.

Each hole of the pillbox belongs to an item (for example a red car), and when you see this item, you may open the matching hole and eat what’s inside! And because a pillbox only has small holes, only small items can be put in, such as a small candy, a grape, a few raisins, ..

Me and the kids made our own version of the pillboxbingo (nice word for Scrabble), with stickers I cut out with the Silhouette Cameo.


Together we thought of things that you can see on a road trip, such as a bike, a house with solar panels, a windmill, and more.

We searched for matching pictures, and I cut the in the right size for the pillboxlids (again, nice word for Scrabble!) in the colors Sietse and Marijke liked.

carbingo carbingo

The kids really enjoyed the carbingo, anf asked if they could do it again on the way home!!

Sure! Happy backseat, happy frontseat 🙂

The kids didn’t succeed in finding all the pictures on the trip, some were hard to find (such as the helicopter and the icecream) .

You could make your own carbingo!

And if you don’t have a Silhouette (or similar machine) you could draw of write on a label and cut that to size, or write numbers on the lids and make a list with matching “bingo-rewards”.

have fun, and a nice day!