Chicken and chick, crocheted spring decoration

The weather is so nice at the moment!

Spring is in bloom, the little lambs are jumping around in the meadow, it’s awesome!

(you can probably tell, I love spring)

To get the springtime inside my house too, I wanted to crochet a chicken and a chick.

chicken and chick
chicken and chick, chick and chicken.

The chicken is a free pattern by Stip&Haak (it’s in Dutch, but there are chrochet translations available in the internet. Search for the pattern on the site in “gratis patronen”). There is also a bigger (paid) chicken available on this site, that one is also adorable!

The chicken is about 10 cm high, I used a nr 2,5 crochet hook. The yarn is by Yarn&Colors en Phildar3.

 chicken and chick chicken and chick

The chick is from a book called Wollowbies, which is available at multiple locations. It’s a great amigurumi book full of cute animals like this chick, a giraffe, a cow, a pinguin, …

chicken and chick

I crocheted the chick before I crocheted the chicken, and I used a bigger hook. You can tell by the bigger stitchsize on the chick.

These two are feeling very cozy with the easter bunnies on the table, guarding the chocolate eggs (they are not very good guards, mjom mjom mjom).

A coffeetable of spring fun!

chicken and chick

easter bunnies

two easter bunnies, crochet a cute couple

Easter is coming, just a few weeks to go!

easter bunnies

The chocolate easter eggs are already on the table (nomnomnom), and while eating them I felt like crocheting some easter bunnies!

The pattern is from , they have lots of materials to knit and crochet, and there are also free patterns available like these easter bunnies

I used a yarn with a color gradient, which makes every bunny different. I found the colors very Spring-y 🙂

Each bunny consists of a front- and backside which you crochet separately, and then connect with single crochets, en fill.

To match the colors of each bunny as much as possible, I crocheted 1 side of the small bunny after I crocheted 1 side of the big bunny, so that the greenish color would be on again for crocheting the second half of the big bunny. All colors you see came from 1 ball of yarn, but because I crocheted the big and small bunnies alternately, the big bunny has a predominantly green-yellow-pink color, and the small binny a pink-purple-blue appearance.

The pattern also mentions a cross-stitched mouth, but I didn’t feel like doing that.

easter bunnies

The bunnies have a cute pompom on the back, made with the same yarn.

easter bunnies

My daughter said “aawww, cute!”

The easter bunnies are placed now by the empty jar or chocolate eggs  🙂

All ready for Easter!

handlettering challenge

Participating in Handlettering challenges on Instagram

Handlettering is really fun to do!

It is relaxing, it doesn’t have to take much time to make a quote, and everybody has the tools to start handlettering; you only need a pencil, an eraser, and a (black) pen/fineliner. And paper of course. You’ll definitely need some paper. You could use lots more materials if you wish (lots and lots more!), but these four items are the basics.

Sometimes it is difficult however to come up with a nice quote, or you can’t find the time to just sit down and make something.

Recently I started to participate in handlettering challenges on Instagram, for these reasons. In a handlettering challenge you’ll get a month’s worth of quotes, one for each day. Every day you participate, you post your creation with the corresponding tags on Instagram, so that all participants can see your creation and you can see what the other participants have made. It’s fun!

Below you can see some of my contributions for the Dutchlettering Instagram account:

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DIY: wooden houses, a whole street filled with lights

Houses with lights!

I have another DIY project for you, with wooden houses.

The base of this DIY is a creative set by Action, a Dutch shoppingchain. (but perhaps there is a similar kit available in your vicinity)

The idea is not my own, I found it somewhere on the internet, but I gave my own twist to it.

In the picture below you can see the finished project:


A set of canalhouses with lights behind the windows, it looks so cute!

Curious how I made it?

Below you can find the tutorial with lots of pictures.

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Birthday present: Garland! Crocheted bunting with free pattern

A while back my sister-in-law and her son had their birthday.

They have their birthday on the same day, how great is that! That was an awesome birthday present 11 years ago 🙂

For my Sister-in-law I made a little present:

a birthday garland!

I crocheted this garland with a self-designed pattern, the pattern is described below.


Very merry, lots of bunting to make every room a happy place 🙂

And they are not at all hard to make!

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