Bag in four colors, trying a new technique

Recently I wanted to try something new: crocheting with multiple colors.

This technique is known as mochilla crocheting or tapestry. There appears to be a difference between the two: tapestry crocheting is done with two colors, with mochilla crocheting you use more than two colors at once.

To start with a project that is not all too difficult I chose a pattern with a tapestry motif, so that there are no more than two colorstrands at once.

bag in four colors

The pattern I chose is of a bag in four colors, you can fine the pattern HERE, or you can click on the picture above.

As you can see in the picture it is a cute little purse, ideal for trying out a technique I’ve never done before!

For this bag in four colors you’ll need 1 skein Drops Cotton Light of each color. Instead of yellow I chose a petrolblue color for my bag.

bag in four colors

It took me a while to understand the multiple-strand technique. But with the tutorialvideos on I found out what I did wrong.

Crocheting with two colors takes some getting used to, the threads keep tangling but this seems to come with the territory. If someone of you has a good tip how to deal with this I sure want to know!

The lower two-color rows are not quite as-it-should-be, I finally understood the technique completely when I crochetd the large grey-white pattern (took me four times!). As I didn’t feel like starting completely over I just kept the lower rows as they are, perfection is in the imperfection, right? 😉

bag in four colors

Now that the bag in four colors is finished I am really pleased with it. I enjoyed learning this new technique! Once you get it, it is not hard at all, although crocheting with multiple colors takes more time to crochet. I defenitely will use this technique again, my doughter wants a purse like this too 🙂

And who knows, perhaps I can master the mochilla technique (with more than two colors) once too!

bag in four colors


DIY sponge: crocheting cute sponges!

Did you hear about the new yarn to crochet your own sponges?

I saw it mentioned a few times in magazines and online, and I was curious about it.

That’s why I bought 3 skeins of this yarn in fun colors ( it was hard to choose!) at

The yarn is called Creative Bubble, it is made of 100% polyester and it looks quite prickly. Although the thread looks prickly, it is not! It’s actually quite soft and flexible.


There are cute patterns available for this yarn, but I just

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