I made another mandala / suncatcher!

I made another mandala!

Do you remember that I mentioned in a previous post that I was working on a new suncather?

Well, it’s finished!


And I like it a lot  🙂

For this mandala I used the biggest ring available in the DIY kit. This ring is 25 cm (just under 10 inches) in diameter, a nice big can’t-ignore-me size.

I wanted to make this mandala in rainbow colors, so I used red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet colored yarn. Or, for the indigo en violet, colors that looked similar to indigo and violet.

I started in the middle with red, and used all the colors twice. For the design I used the pattern that was provided with the DIY kit from  de Kettingkast.

The edge of the mandala /  suncatcher is crocheted with “too many” stitches, which gives the curly effect. I like it!

Now I just need to find a nice place to hang this beauty.



Suncatcher, mandala, dreamcatcher..?

In my crochet supplies I found a project that I hadn’t started yet (does that ever happen to you? That you buy a happy project and than leave it for later..?)

I bought it on the Handwerkbeurs in Zwolle, a creative market. That was in february, so this crochet project was waiting it’s turn for some time! The project is a set of rings and a booklet to make suncathers, I bought it from De Kettingkast.


They are present on many creative markets in The Netherlands, and their stand is always very colorfull with lots of suncatchers, mandala’s and dreamcathers. I couldn’t walk by without buying a project.

When do you use which word by the way? When is it a suncather, a dreamcatcher or a mandala? Does anyone know? Or are all names allowed? Really, I have no idea.

Since this was my first attempt to crochet with a metal ring, I started with the smallest one. I chose yarn in blue tones.

Here is the result, my suncatcher (mandala, dreamcather, or something):

suncatcher suncatcher

I’m very pleased with the result, it hangs in front of my window now.

I liked this project very much, so now I started with another ring, this time the biggest one! That one will have different colors. Which ones you ask? That is a surprise 🙂