Crocheted a round blanket

round blanket

Round blanket

In my last post I mentioned two crocheting projects I was working on.

One of those two projects is finished, and I would like to show you!

ronde deken

The pattern for this round blanket is from a Dutch magazine called Aan De Haak nr 11. I crocheted the blanket with 1 cake of Rico Design Creative Wool Dégradé in the color Petrol. It’s a beutiful yarn with a subtle color change.

ronde deken


The pattern for the round blanket is not hard to do. There are Jacobsladders in the pattern (not sure that is the right translation for them). To be honest, I never heard of Jacobsladders before I came across this pattern. They are quite easy to do. (for those who never heard of Jacobsladders; You first crochet chains in every row of your work, and then when the project is almost finished, you loop the chain stiches into each other. This created a small relief in your work. )

ronde dekenronde deken


Unfortunately the blanket turned out to be a lot smaller than I had hoped. There was no measurement info in the magazine, and the round blanket looks bigger in the picture than in real life. My finished blanket has a diameter of 85 cm, I can fit it onto my table. So it is a tablecloth. Or a blanket for a babybed. Oh well. Maybe next time I will use two yarn cakes, or first check if there is any info on the final measurents of the project in question 😉

ronde deken

And now what?

My daughter annexed the blanket, she loves how soft and warm it is. The round blanket now had a spot on her bed. With the pile of stuffed animals that live there. And the soft blankies. And pillows. And did I mention the stuffed animals?

ronde deken

Partly by the dissapointing size of this blanket, I am now working on a blanket that wíll be nice and large. My followers on instagram already have seen some pictures of this new project. This new blanket will get a variety of stripes with each it’s own chochet pattern.

It will take a while before this new blanket is finished, it will be 1,5 m wide by 1,8 m long.

This new big blanket is a super mega project, and then it’s nice to have a smaller project on the side. The the big knit is very suited for this job! Maybe you have seen some of the hats in the supermarket on the Innocent juice bottles. Innocent Juice has this campaign in a lot of countries in Europe. We are also participating in this event. Me and my daughter crochet hats, and my son likes to make little pompoms to go onto the hats.

I will show some of the hats we made soon. See ya next time!




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