Jar with lights and stars DIY and a did you know

jar with lights

Today I will show you a DIY tutorial.

We will turn a plain jar into a light decoration.

A jar with lights! This would be lovely for Christmas!

The idea is an adaptation from a light I saw in a shop somewhere. The thing with DIY lights is that the battery holder stays outside of the pot/jar/vase, so you often have a cord with a battery holder placed next to your home-made light. Not pretty.

So, this DIY tutorial shows you how to make a jar with lights and stars, with the battery holder in the jar!

No more visible batteries! whoop whoop!

Of course the battery holder will be easily accessible, you will have to be able to turn the lights on and off, right?!

jar with lights

What do you need for this DIY?

jar with lights
what you need in materials

  • – a jar with an opening that will fit lights AND the battery holder

  • – aluminium wire

  • – pliers to cut the aluminium wire

  • – starfoil or semi-transparent vinyl or paint

  • – a glue gun or strong tape

  • -battery operated led lights, preferably with metal wire

  • – optional: chalk markers or star decals

 What will we do first?

If you have star foil (a deco foil that gives a star effect when a light shines behind it, very pretty!), cut the foil to fit inside the jar. Place the starfoil in the jar by rolling in up, it will roll out automatically inside the jar.

If you can’t find star foil, you can stick semitransparent vinyl on the outside of the jar, or paint the jar with a thin layer of paint.

jar with lights
The starfoil in the jar. Because of the flash you can see the overlap in the starfoil. I cut it to size later.

Now we will make the lamp holder.

To make the lamp holder you will need aluminium wire. The length is not that important, about 30 cm (12 inches) will do. The idea is that you will make a holder for the batterypack, and the lights will be wound around it. Be sure you can reach the on/off switch of the batterypack. The lampholder will go vertically into the jar, so you need to make it high enough to be able to take it out of the jar.

Mine looks like this:

jar with lights
My lampholder. A great piece of DIY 🙂

You see the batteryholder in the aluminium wire, and the lights are wound around it. On the top I made a “handle” to be able to lift the holder from the jar to turn the lights on and off.

jar with lights
A detail picture. I glued the wire onto the battery pack with the glue gun. This could also be done with strong tape (like ducttape).

Make sure the batterypack is secured in the wire. I glued the two together with a glue gun.

All ready! In the picture below you see the result.

jar with lights

You can see in this picture that the lights are placed a bit too high, I later pushed the lights down to stay behind the star foil.

I wanted to decorate the jar with lights on the outside.

You can decorate the outside of the jar with chalk pens for example. You could draw stars, trees, anything you want!

jar with lightsjar with lightsjar with lights

I wiped the chalk pen off (water and a cloth, very easy) because I wanted to use star decals that were left over from an earlier project:

jar with lights

There was only one problem:

The lights were too bright. I used a 20-lamp string, but really wanted just 10 lights. These were not for sale when I searched for them, so I came up with another solution (and it works!)

You can just cut off the half of the lights! Really!

That is, when you use the battery-operated ledlights with metal wire that I used. I wouldn’t try it with just any type of wire.

I took a picture of it:

jar with lights
cutting lights?! sure!
jar with lights
Cut 10 off, and the lights still work.

That is what I’m talking about! It looks a lot better this way!

jar with lights
The result!

I hope you liked this DIY, you are welcome to leave a comment.



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